Federal court to take another look at Texas voter ID law

The Justice Department joined the voter ID case, as it has in other states, arguing that the law would prevent as many as 600,000 voters from casting a ballot. There was no immediate comment from the department after the order was issued.

Other Republican-controlled states, including Wisconsin and North Carolina, have passed similar voter ID measures, but the Texas law is widely viewed as one of the nation’s toughest. It requires one of seven forms of approved identification, but unlike other states with voter ID restrictions, Texas doesn’t recognize university IDs from college students. It does, however, accept concealed handgun licenses as proof of identity.

Free voting IDs are available from the state, but opponents have said getting those cards still put underlying financial costs on voters, such as paying for birth certificate copies and travel.

Read more here: http://trailblazersblog.dallasnews.com/2016/03/federal-court-to-take-another-look-at-texas-voter-id-law.html/

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