Ann Harris Bennett

Accomplishments since she took office in 2019

Voter Registration

  • Ongoing College Registration Drives and VDVR trainings at:
         o Rice University, UH, TSU, Lone Star Colleges, HCC.
    • Registered students every year at High School Graduations.
    • Traveled to over 40 senior living facilities and various churches to register them to vote.
    • Partnered with YMCA and 23 businesses for National Voter registration day.
    • Provide voter registration efforts at Naturalization Ceremonies.
    • Partnered with Project Orange to register eligible inmates in Harris County.
    • Met with Houston Association of Realtors and some apartment managers to help us bring voter registration initiatives to apartment complexes.
    • Partnering with Fiesta Mart on registering their customers to vote at their branches.

VDVR Trainings

  • Trainings, Social Media & Tax Office Services are offered in English, Spanish, Chinese, & Vietnamese.
    • 201 VDVR trainings provided in 2019 vs 12/year that the Secretary of State mandates.
    • 5,037 people were deputized for the 2019-2020 term. This number surpasses all the previous years. 
    • Implemented VDVR of the month: Awarded with a certificate and a small gift for their hard work. 
    • Developed Quarterly Newsletter to keep our VDVRs informed.
    • Created an Outreach calendar for everybody to check for scheduled outreach events and to request a private training  for their organization.
    • Developed Voter Portal to allow VDVR’s to check on how many people they have registered.
    • Currently training High School Principals, union members and staff.

Property, Auto and more...

  • Raised minimum wage in the Tax office to $15 an hour.
    • Provided a 3.5% cost of living to employees.
    • Promoted and positioned women and minorities in leadership roles.
          o Women in management: 88%
          o Minority women in management: 77%
            o Total minorities in management: 95%
    • Provided raises across the board and improved the tax office culture from past administrations.
    • Extended property tax payment plans from 12 to 36 months for residents in need.
    • Created 85 property tax workshops and a mobile tax office to assist residents throughout the county.
    • Installed Nemo-Q, customer queuing system, in all branch locations and enhanced customer service and wait times.