Why One of the Most Important Races in Texas is a Local Race in Houston



How One Election Could Change Voter Registration in Texas

Luckily for Democrats, Sullivan’s seat is up for reelection this fall, and his challenger, Ann Harris Bennett, is running on the platform of online voter registration.

Bennett, an “experienced administrator with more than 14 years' service as a district court coordinator,” ran for Harris County Tax Assessor-Collector in 2012 but lost by a narrow margin of two-tenths of a percent. This year, she’s coming back swinging.

"I will be advocating for fair and equal appraisal - fair and equal access to the system,"Bennett told the Houston Chronicle editorial board. "I know for a fact that those big businesses downtown aren't suffering, and jumping through hoops, and going through what the average citizen goes through."

Bennett wants to fulfill the promise that Sullivan ran on in 2012-- "bring the office into the 21st century by embracing new technology"-- but clearly didn’t follow.

Mike Sullivan and his politicized ineptitude could be running out of time - giving Bennett and the hope for better voter registration a real opportunity.

Read more here: http://progresstexas.org/blog/why-one-most-important-races-texas-local-race-houston

Elect Ann Harris Bennett for Tax Assessor Collector - Voter Registrar in November!
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