Stephanie Hrabar, Ph.D. ENDORSES Ann Harris Bennett


Stephanie Hrabar, Ph.D.


Ann Harris Bennett for

Tax Assessor-Collector Voter Registrar

“I will vote for Ann Bennett in the 2016 Primary election, and tell my neighbors. Why . . . because

Ann Bennett is someone who can and will carry out the duties of the public office with integrity.  She returns calls and shows up on time and prepared for meetings.  In contrast, the past two Harris County Voter Registrar officials were named in lawsuits for failing to do the key duties.—these were candidates who successfully campaigned for office but lacked the knowledge, skills, and integrity to carry out the duties of the office.”

Ann’s paperwork and ability to cooperate and coordinate activities with people of diverse backgrounds is excellent.

As the presiding Precinct 505 Chair I daily walk our precinct and annually deliver copies of the LWV Voters’ Guide to many small organizations and local public schools to help GOTV.

This election year Ann Bennett helped me discover another way to improve the  voter turnout by providing ways to improve high school student voter turnout and encourage compliance with Texas Election Code 13.046.”

Stephanie Hrabar, Ph.D., Precinct 505 Chair

Thank you Dr. Hrabar for your endorsement and support over the past three election cycles, and for the volunteerism you do on a daily basis.  You educate our voters on issues that matter.  I commend your efforts in “school to prison pipeline” issue, and will continue to stand with you in all your future efforts in this regard!

Join my friend and supporter Stephanie Hrabar at Team Ann, and let’s win this March 1st primary.


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