Parvin Richardson Endorses Ann Harris Bennett


I do not take the privilege of right to vote lightly. I've lived in dictatorship and have seen how people sacrificed,even loosing their lives, to obtain that right.... a hefty price to pay.
I have known Ann Harris Bennett for several years & believe Ann has what it takes to do a great job.
Since I became the citizen of this great country (21 years), I've been active politically. That is the only way we can make a difference! 
Love & best wishes, 
Parvin Richardson

More about Parvin Richardson: 
I have BS in Biology from Tehran University. Masters & Doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction from UH, main campus. I taught Biology to 10-12 grades (in Tehran). I was TA @ UH- College of education. Worked 3 years as Testing supervisor on the campus. With a few friends we started Bay Area Association of Democratic Women. I have been a member of ROADWOMEN since 1998 & I have been The Hospitality Chair for the last 8 years. I am a member of Bay Area New Dem & TDW. Other organizations I belong to are: TX FREEDOM NETWORK, American United, etc.

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