Lady Emma Primas Endorses Ann Harris Bennett


I am incredibly honored to have the endorsement of Lady Emma Primas!  

At 110 years young Emma is one of the oldest residents in Harris County, was a local business owner, and has never missed voting in any election, joined the transportation union, and became the first woman to drive a trolley on the streets of San Francisco.

Emma’s life experiences of advocating for women, children, civil and voting rights are a history book.  She speaks often of the Old Jim Crow South, and today’s New Jim Crow South.  She encourages the youth of today to get involved in community, register, and vote.  Let your voices be heard.

I am encouraged and inspired by the wisdom Emma has shared with me through the years.  She’s a loyal supporter, my cousin, friend, sister, and inspiration to continue my mission to end the culture of voter suppression, and voter disenfranchisement in the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector – Voter Registrar’s Office.

Thank you Emma, your contribution to my life and campaign are invaluable!

Please Join Lady Emma Primas at TEAM ANN.  Let’s win this primary election!

JOIN EMMA and #TeamAnn!

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