Diana T. Barrera, former Nueces County Clerk & Election Administrator Endorses Ann Harris Bennett


Diana T. Barrera – Nueces County, Texas Endorsing Ann Harris Bennett

It is humbling and an honor to receive the endorsement of Diana T. Barrera, former Nueces County Clerk & Election Administrator!

Diana, a Corpus Christi native has served in public service and the County Clerk’s Office for over 35 years.  She served the public with integrity, transparency, efficiency, and kept the office moving forward with the times.

I am fortunate to have Diana as a friend, mentor, and supporter. We share the same passions for recordkeeping, organizing, managing volume, and protecting the integrity of the democratic process.

Thank you Diana for mentoring me through three elections, now four elections!  Lots of good things come out of Corpus Christi, Texas.

Please join my friend, mentor, and supporter Diana T. Barrera on TEAM ANN!

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