Commissioner Radack says he will keep up drumbeat for Medicaid funds


As your next Tax Assessor-Collector & Voter Registrar I will stand with both Democrats & Republicans in advocating for the Expansion of Medicaid here in Texas. The burden our tax payers are currently under with covering care for uninsured healthcare costs should not be on their shoulders. 

Ann Harris Bennett for Tax Assessor Collector - Voter Registrar

Commissioner Radack says he will keep up drumbeat for Medicaid funds:

When Harris County commissioners were asked this week by a member of the public to lower the property tax burden, Steve Radack had a response prepared: tell Austin to let millions of Medicaid dollars flow to the county – then the commissioners might be able to lower taxes.

The comment may come as a surprise from the Precinct 3 commissioner, one of the most outspoken conservatives on the court who has been a vocal critic of Harris Health System, the county's health care system for the poor.

But his comment adds to the number of local voices that have challenged state Republican leaders to accept the federal money at a time when the county's population and medical needs continue to grow. Radack said he will keep up the drumbeat.

"So, let's go after the state," he said at the meeting Tuesday. "Let them just simply accept the money, send it to us, we'll cut taxes."


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Not Expanding Medicaid Can Cost Local Taxpayers:

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