Court Confirms Congressional, State House Maps In Place For 2016

“The 2016 elections will proceed as scheduled, without interruption or delay,” the court ruling stated. “It would be extremely difficult to implement new interim plans without tremendous interruption to the 2016 election schedule.”


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Houston-area taxpayers continue to cover care for uninsured population

Essentially, Harris County taxpayers are contributing more than $600 million a year of local property taxes to provide indigent care, said Ken Janda, CEO of Community Health Choice, a nonprofit health plan which provides insurance to individuals across the Greater Houston area.

“That number could likely be cut in half if we did expand [Medicaid],” he said. “Therefore, we could lower property taxes or take those dollars and fill a few potholes or do other things.”


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Democratic Group Called iVote Pushes Automatic Voter Registration

The change would supercharge the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, known as the “motor voter” law, which requires states to offer people the option of registering to vote when they apply for driver’s licenses or other identification cards. The new laws would make registration automatic during those transactions unless a driver objected.


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