Almeda Dent, Community Leader & Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar Proudly Endorses Ann Harris Bennett


“I am honored and proud to endorse Ann Harris Bennett for Harris County Tax Assessor Collector & Voter Registrar! Ann is the only candidate in this race (Democrat or Republican) who is qualified and has the experience needed to reform this office. Take a look at her experience and background. Ann is well respected because she has integrity. Ann has been an advocate for registering all eligible voters, assisting communities in civic engagement and the democratic election process. She has been a voice for taxpayers, elderly, children, and veterans. She will remove the barriers to voting in Harris County, will not play party politics, and cannot be bought. The effect she has on others is the most valuable currency there is!" 
~Almeda Dent

Almeda is a Community Activist, Advocate, Precinct Chair, and Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar. She serves as
Board Member of Texas Democratic Women-Harris County, Vice- Chair Texas Coalition of Black Democrats, 
as Board Member-State Democratic Executive Committee (Black Caucus). She is a member of SOAR labor union, and a lifelong and loyal Democrat.

I am honored to have your respect, support, and encouragement! I appreciate all you do for the community. We share the same passion for registering voters and engaging the citizens in the democratic election process. I appreciate you for all you do, and your hard work and volunteerism has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your friendship, mentoring, and support in all four of my county wide races! ~ Ann Harris Bennett
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