"Voluntarily" paying taxes on land she didn't own in Harris County.

An 84-year-old Louisiana woman and her family have been paying taxes on a swatch of Harris County land for six decades -- and only recently realized that on paper they never officially owned the land.
Harris County tax officials said that they believed the woman was "voluntarily" paying taxes on land she didn't own.
Officials with the Harris County Appraisal District said they don't know how it happened.
The current tax assessor said he doesn't know.

"I was aware of this situation prior to it being reported in the media. I will bring the change to this Tax Assessor-Collectors office that brings the respect and integrity all citizens of Harris County should come to expect. No door should be shut on our citizens in need of help. Mrs. Mittie Stewart and others out there like her will find the help and assistance they need when I am elected in November." ~ Ann Harris Bennett for Tax Assessor Collector - Voter Registrar

Watch the video here: http://abc13.com/news/she-paid-property-taxes-for-decades-so-how-was-land-never-hers/1217360/





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