Black Heritage Society Founder, Ovide Duncantell Endorses Ann Harris Bennett


I continue to be humbled, honored, and proud to receive the endorsements of one of the pillars of the Black community!
Thank you Mr. Duncantell for your friendship, mentoring, endorsement, and continued support of my campaigns to end disenfranchisement, oppression, and intimidation of voters in Harris County! 
Mr. Duncantell is an icon in the Black community. He organized youth adults and senior citizens to ban together and improve their communities. And later created his own organization entitled “The Central Committee for the Protection of Poor People.” The organization’s mission and goals were to assist the community in obtaining much needed social services. 
Ovide Duncantell created and became Founder and Executive Director of the Black Heritage Society Inc., emerging as one of the driving forces behind the renaming of a major thoroughfare to Martin Luther King, Jr., Boulevard. Mr. Duncantell is also responsible for the most recent announcement of the “Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Statue & Park Plaza now under construction and scheduled to be completed prior to the “official Unveiling” of memorial on January 20, 2014.
Please join my friend, mentor, and supporter Ovide Duncantell on TEAM ANN, and let’s win this March 1st primary contest!
Volunteer & Donate today!

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